Step 1
Go to the Canvas login page at and enter your login details.

Step 2
Once logged in select the module for which zoom meeting you wish to attend.

Step 3
When inside the chosen module, select "Zoom" from the Module Menu to bring up the Zoom Panel.

Step 4
At the Zoom Panel under the section "Upcoming Meetings", Click on the "Join"  button to attend the meeting you wish to join. You will be directed to a Zoom Installer download screen.

Step 5
Once the Installer is dowloaded you will be prompted to activate the installer (illustrated in the orange box below).

Click on the .exe file (.dmg for mac) to install Zoom and accept the Terms of Service to join the meeting.

Step 6
In the meeting window, you should see a meeting window start up as pictured below.

You may be prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone so click "allow", "agree", or "enable" respectively to allow them to activate them. Note: the window may appear black in cases where you are early to the meeting or the lecturer is broadcasting audio only.

Step 7
When finished you can click on the "Leave Meeting" option in red at the bottom right corner of the window. You will be prompted one more time to leave the meeting and simply click "leave meeting" to exit.