Self-enrolment allows you to sign up for a module using a "secret URL" or code that your lecturer will provide for you. This can be particularly useful for module electives where you may be deciding whether or not you will take the elective for the semester.

Your lecturer will provide you with a link to enrol on the module in Canvas. Click this link and enter your MyCIT details when prompted to log into Canvas (if not already logged in).

Click the Enroll in module button.
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You will get a confirmation message that you have successfully enrolled. Click Go to the Module to view the Canvas module.
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How do I un-enrol from an elective module in Canvas?

If you decide not to take a particular elective for the semester you can "drop" this module from your Canvas account.

To do this, click into the module in Canvas. Click the Drop this Module button in the sidebar.

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You will be asked to confirm unenrolment, click Drop this Module from the pop up tab.

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Please note: You can only drop a self-enroled Canvas module while it is in progress (between the course start date and end date).

Also, if you did not enrol in the course using the given secret URL or join code, i.e. you were manually or automatically added to the module from Web4Student, you cannot remove yourself from the module.