In addition to quizzes or assignments, you can also be asked to hand-write answers and to upload images of your written work as a means of assessment (as part of an open-book exam, for instance).

If the assessment is being offered through Canvas, it is recommended that you use the Canvas Student App to  access the assignment and to upload your photos directly to the assignment through this.

Start by taking the photographs of your written work on the camera app on your phone.

When you have taken these, you can then open the Canvas Student app on your phone (1). Once open, then select the module where the assignment exists (2) in the module dashboard.

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In your module menu, select the Assignments option (1) and then select the Assignment that you are being asked to upload photos to (2). Then on the assignment details page, select the "Submit Assignment" option (3) at the bottom of the screen. This will open a submission panel.

At the end of the panel click on the  Library icon at the bottom-middle of the screen to access the photos that you took. Add these to the submission panel. If you want to add addition photos click on the add library icon again and repeat the process.

Note: Canvas may prompt you, asking for permission to access your photos. Just click yes/accept and this should be activated.

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Once you are happy with the images you have added, click Submit at the top-right of the submission panel (1). This will bring you to a submission summary page (2) and you should also get an email confirming your submission (3). Note: the email notification will not appear if your student email is not connected to your phone.

If you are not happy with the images you can always try to resubmit the assignment (4) but this function may be turned off depending on your lecturer's chosen settings.

If you are encountering difficulties with the uploading of material using the method above, an alternative route to uploading images would involve:

1. Immediately contacting your lecturer to let them know you are having difficulties

2. Sharing the images you have sent with an email app on your phone and emailing them to your lecturer.