To take an online proctoring exam, you will need to create an ID in examity. This will allow examity to confirm that it is you who is taking the quiz on the day of the exam.

It is recommended that you setup your ID as soon as possible.
The sooner you set this up, the better! This will take no more than 5 minutes to do.

To setup your examity ID, all you will need is some form of photo ID. This should be your CIT student ID. If this is not available, your driver license or your passport will be fine also. You will need this to set up your examity profile, but you will also need to show the same ID on the day of the exam, so please have this ready!

To setup your examity ID:

1. In the module which you will be taking the exam for, click on the link in your canvas module “Step 1: Create your Proctor Profile here”

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2. Fill in the forms with your information (Name, CIT Email, phone number, time zone) then click the “Next” button. Please ensure that:

  • Your name and last name are the same as how they appear in Canvas
  • The timezone is correct (if this is not correct, you will not be able to take your exam on the day
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3. Take a photo of your photo ID. To do this, you can select to:

  • “Take a picture” and use your webcam to take a photo of your ID there and then
      1. When you select this, you will be taken to a screen which will use your webcam. You may be prompted to give the browser permission to use your webcam camera

      2. Hold your ID up to the webcam and select the “Take picture” button to take the photo. It is important that the photo of your ID is clear. If it is not, you can select the the option to “Use a different image” on the next screen to re-take it.

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  • “Upload an image” and take a upload a photo or scan of ID you already have

4. Set 3 questions which only you would know the answer to. To do this, select the question from the drop-down menu and type in the answer. Be sure that these are questions you know the answer to - your answers later must be the exact same as what you type here.

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5. Submit your digital signature. This will ask you to type your name and will measure how fast, light, heavy, etc your keystrokes are, so type how you normally would.

For this:
  1. You should type in all lowercase - no capitals - and with no spaces
  2. You should type your name the same way it appears in canvas
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6. Once these steps are done, your profile will be completed. From here, you can press the button to “Skip to exams dashboard”.

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This will let you test if your setup is okay for when you take the quiz.

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