In addition to conferences, student can use Microsoft Teams to communicate with lecturers. Teams will be useful for setting up small or one-to-one meetings with students for course work and assessment review.

1 - In your selected module on Canvas go to the page or section where the invite to a Microsoft Teams Meeting resides.  Then click on the link to open up Teams.
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2  - After clicking on the link you will be brought a new browser window where you have the option to open the Teams meeting in your browser or in the Microsoft Teams app.

Quick note: For the quickest student access we recommend opening the meeting in the browser.

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3 - Insert your name in the Name box pictured below and make sure your Microphone and/or Webcam are switched on.

To ensure you are using the correct devices on your computer, click on the cog icon to open the settings and make sure the right webcam and microphone are selected.

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4 - Once happy with your settings, click ‘Join now’. This may take a few moments for the meeting to connect all participants and begin.

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5 -  Once connected you will see you should see and hear the other meeting participant(s).

Please note: if you or any other participant does not have a webcam their picture will be replaced with user's initials.

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If you don't hear other participants you can troubleshoot by:
(1) using the messenger to see if you can hear each other. 
(2) opening on the participants panel to see if a chat icon appears next to their name to indicate that they are speaking (or not).