With the move to online learning, the ability to have informal peer connections (study groups, etc.)has been identified as a significant loss for students. 

This article will walk you through how you can create a space to have connections /discussions with your fellow students that do not require a lecturer or staff member to schedule.

3 Steps to follow:

Who - Step 1

  • Any student can set up a peer-supported learning space. First thing to decide on is what will your learning space be discussing, this is important so your fellow students can identify if this is something they would like to engage with. 

  • Once decided your next step will be to decide:
    • How frequently this meeting will take place
    • The day
    • The time
    • The duration.

  • With all this information decided, the next thing you need to do is setup a Zoom meeting.

Zoom - Step 2

  • Select the option to 'Schedule Meeting' 

Image Placeholder
 Gif showing the schedule meeting process

  • Give the session a title

  • Tick the option for recurring meeting

  • Choose any other optional settings needed

  • Finally click Save

  • Last step is to copy your Meeting Invitation so you can post it in your Canvas discussion thread to allow your fellow students to join
Image Placeholder
Image showing meeting tab and option to copy invitation

Hot Tip - If you can't attend all the sessions, be sure to set up an alternative host when scheduling your Zoom meeting. This will ensure meetings can take place even when you are not available.

Image Placeholder 
                   Image showing 'Alternate Host' option

Canvas - Step 3

  • Now to pull it all together

  • To create a discussion click the red add discussion button 

Image Placeholder
Image showing the Discussion Tab in Canvas

  • The title of the discussion should reflect your decision made in Step 1

  • The main body should contain:
    • A brief description and background to what your peer-supported learning space will cover
    • Date, time and duration of the meet-ups
    • Link to the Zoom meeting

Image Placeholder
Gif showing the creation of a new Discussion Thread

Hot Tip - Make sure your discussion title grabs your fellow students attention and highlights to them what will happen in your peer-supported learning space.

Now you are all set up to meet with your fellow students and share information, knowledge and more.