The following are issues you may have related to AdBlock:
  • You click on the Zoom item in your module menu and see a blank screen where you normally see your Zoom meeting information.
  • You click into a discussion thread and you attempt to comment on a discussion but it will not load or you see a blank white screen.
  • You click into your quiz to complete and it will not load or you see a blank white screen.
This issue is due to recent updates to the AdBlock plugin which may be installed in some users' browsers. AdBlock softwares are identifying LTI features as Ads and blocking them from launching.

LTI features are external applications to Canvas, they are plugged into the system to ensure a seamless experience for you and to allow you to complete your required tasks from one location.

It is this requirement to connect out to the application (e.g. Zoom) and share information that is causing AdBlock softwares to misinterpret the LTI features purpose.

Please do the following:

  • Disable any ad blockers you may have installed on your browser, or pause adblock from running on
  • Update your browser to the latest version

If you are still having difficulties, please try some of the recommended troubleshooting steps at