I was unable to attend my lecture live/I had connectivity issues during my lecture. What can I do to catch up on the lecture I have missed.


If your lecturer decides to record a live session, you can access this through Canvas. Please note your lecturer may not have recorded the lecture. If you are unable to see the recording by following this article, please reach out to your lecturer. 
In order to access recorded lectures in Canvas you will need to be logged into your student Zoom account using the SSO access ( email). This can be done in two ways:

  1. When prompted on accessing the recording.
  2. Prior to accessing Canvas via the Zoom desktop client.


Option 1: Via Canvas

1. Click into the Zoom tab in Canvas

2. Please click into the tab for Cloud Recordings - can click on the zoom classroom name

3. Click on the recording in question for the appropriate date and time - these will be listed beneath the recording link

4. If you are not logged into Zoom you will be prompted to login to access the recording. To do this, please click on the option to Sign In with SSO

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6. From here, you will be asked to login with your mycit credentials (the same way that you would login to your mycit email).

7. You can then view the recording.

Option 2: Zoom desktop client

1. Open the Zoom client on your computer

2. When prompted, click Sign In

3. Please then click Sign In with SSO.

4. When prompted enter telcit in place of the company domain

5. This will bring you to the institutes SSO page, please sign in here with your mycit email address

6. You can now proceed to Canvas to access the recording